Important Travel Advice: Karimu 2018

Getting here can be tricky, especially if you need to fly. Please take the time to review and follow these guidelines:

Travel by Plane/Train

If coming by train from one of the major airports or train stations (Frankfurt, Köln/ Bonn), then the train station we suggest you travel to is Haiger.   We will have a shuttle to pick you up at this station upon arrival.  The drive from the train station in Haiger to the Karimu Conference Center takes close to 15 minutes.

To purchase your tickets on the German Train System website (  enter your starting point.  Our example uses Frankfurt (Main) Airport – “Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Fernbf”.  Then type in Haiger as the destination.  Notice that there are several Haiger options, so choose the one that says simply “Haiger”.

Selecting travel from Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen (airport) to Haiger

Sample trip from Frankfurt Airport to Haiger through Frankfurt(Main) Hbf (Main Train Station).

Sample trip from Köln to Haiger through Siegen.

Travel time from Frankfurt Airport to Haiger should be 1 hour 43 minutes.   The train runs once every hour.

From the Köln Hbf the travel time will be either 1 hour 48 minutes, or 2 hours 32 minutes depending on the number of changes.

Please be aware that some of the stops between one train to the next can be very short. Sometimes there may be less than 5 minutes to change trains at a station.

Once you have purchased your ticket, please let us know the time you will be arriving in Haiger so that we can have a shuttle ready to collect you. Email your travel itinerary to

Let us know if you need further assistance in purchasing your tickets.

At the Haiger Train Station

Haiger train station

When you arrive at the Haiger station you’ll find someone in the station’s small lobby holding an ICCM sign. They will shuttle you to the conference center.

Haiger train station lobby. Look for someone with an ICCM sign here.



There is plenty of free parking at the facility.

The address:
Internationales Tagungszentrum Karimu
Siegenweg 34
D- 57299 Burbach

Caution! There are a few things you should know as you drive here.

  • For best results, use a GPS and enter the full address: Siegenweg 34, D- 57299 Burbach.
  • If prompted to clarify which Burbach, choose Burbach (Siegen).
  • Karimu is not actually in Burbach. Technically, it is in the village Holzhausen which is in Burbach. And Burbach itself is within Siegen.
  • Please follow signs for Holzhausen as you get close to Burbach.
  • As you get close to Holzhausen, here are directions by landmark:
    • Look for Pizzeria Harput Döner (Hickengrundstrasse 50). You will take the road that leads up the hill next to this restaurant. There will be signs that point up toward Wycliff / Karimu. At the top of the hill, you will drive under a railroad tunnel and the Karimu Center will be on the right.

About Karimu

Karimu comes from Swahili, a language spoken by about 98 million people in eastern Africa. Karimu means generous, reminding us that God gives joyfully. This conference center is run by Wycliff Germany and just recently opened.

Learn more about Karimu at their website. Also, don’t miss the 360° tour of their beautiful facility.

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